Here at the Portage we are committed to the preservation and enhancement of our natural environment through continued sustainable development. We are also committed to supporting our local community and employing cultural and environmental initiatives to ensure that this iconic place is preserved for the enjoyment of all.

Sustainability statement
Sustainability statement
Sustainability statement

Sustainability policy

Having a sustainability policy helps to guide how we do things here at The Portage. Our people and the natural environment are the heart of our business and the reason that our guests travel to this idyllic destination.

We are starting our journey to become a zero-waste operation as we believe that we should leave our irreplaceable environment just as pristine for future generations. Becoming waste-free is an ambitious goal in a remote location however we are passionate about this and are busy utilising local knowledge and expertise in order to find innovative ways to repurpose our waste and to keep it out of the landfill.

We are about to implement a commercial composting system that will see all our food waste recycled into rich organic matter that will feed the seasonal produce grown in our onsite vegetable gardens.

We have implemented measures to ensure that our use of resources is in balance with nature’s ability to replenish them. Sensors and dual flushes in the toilets help to reduce wastewater which is treated onsite and used to irrigate native forests behind the hotel. Our recycling systems will be up and running soon and all of our recyclables will be sorted and collected, to be processed at our local recycling plant.

Our future environmental plans include a pest trapping programme to help eradicate predators that threaten the native birdlife. Along with native bush regeneration using eco-sourced native species throughout the hotel and foreshore, these measures will help to ensure sustainable habitats for the native flora and fauna. Other projects on our radar include installing solar panels to provide a renewable source of energy for the hotel and rainwater harvesting to reduce our reliance on seasonal spring water feeds.

Join us on our journey to becoming a zero-waste operation by providing suggestions or feedback and you could become part of our sustainable tourism story.